This will be the last post in MMA


Hi guys,

I will be closing Market Measures Australia on the 21st of September. I will still continue to create posts related to the content on MMA – but through Thoughts by PC. I guess I always knew in the back of my head that running 2 blogs is not as easy as easy as it sounds. But the more I publish content out @Thoughts, the more I realise that I am not doing MMA justice. And so it has come to this.

Please do join me @Thoughts and I will slowly post more content that you have become accustomed here at MMA.

Always happy to hear your own thoughts through the blog or via my Twitter handle @ThoughtsbyPC.





Financial Markets in Design



Financial Markets visually.

Thought to give the markets a fresh new look.

Originally posted on Thoughts:

Each time I check out visuals on anything to do with ‘Financial Markets’ I see the same old boring images of a flow diagrams, line graphs, people shouting in the pit (yeah, very current) or something to that effect (check out ‘Financial Markets’ in Google and look at Google Images). Banking-Finance guys are apparently quite visually boring. Or perhaps the industry just does not foster individual creativity.

I’ve come to break those perceptions and ‘bring sexy back’ like Timberlake with these new Illustrator illustrations:

Anarchy in Financial Markets


This theme combines the chaotic movement of the markets with the punk-angst of the Sex Pistols (a suitable tandem if you ask me). The message is clear: We all have to just get used to the new normal; it’s here to stay.

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Job Market Demand August 2014


The last Job Market Demand came out in Super Easter, that was quite a while ago now, and it’s high time we have a quick glance at what the market is doing. Has it picked up, or has it plummeted even further into the abyss?

Unlike other JMD posts, I’ll keep this one as short and succinct as I can.

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CEO Pay in 2012 Was Extraordinarily High Relative to Typical Workers | Economic Policy Institute


Caught this headline while checking my news feeds this morning and saw the stats. The figures are alarmingly high given the lessons/changes post 2008:

CEO Pay in 2012 Was Extraordinarily High Relative to Typical Workers and Other High Earners | Economic Policy Institute.

The graphs are interactive, so you can click and slide your mouse over until the stats shock you.

Lessons learned? None.

Wireframes with Excel part 2


Boogle’s back and this time he wants to show off a few more features that would not be commonly associated with Excel, namely Tools panel, Annotations and Task Lists.

Let’s begin.

Excel as a Wireframing Tool

Patterned against: Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Balsamiq

I’ve tried to include a couple of features here including:

  • inserting the shapes panel (insert > shapes) which presents all the shapes one can drag and drop to create the wireframes (this also allows you access to insert photos, audio, moves, clip art and symbols)
  • inserting shapes from Picol (and feel free to use your own website of free shapes)
  • creating a grid-like background (similar to rules, guides and grids in Adobe tools)

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Wireframes using Excel


A work colleague was about to build an application the other day and asked me for my opinion on what tools would suit him best. By way of background, my work colleague is a developer and he wanted to build an application which might need to store large amounts of data.

My immediate response? Excel.

I know there are a lot of other available wireframe tools out there today but the criteria here was quickfree and easy. No ramp-up time to learn the application here, in fact it’s more just training your brain to use it other than a spreadsheet. No need to look for a free tool out there in the web when it comes with our basic MS Office Suite.

And you can even make Excel jump between pages as I’m about to demonstrate.

Let’s check it out using Google as our model site. Continue reading

An impressive chart using Javascript Library


I am a big Excel user and it takes a lot for a chart to impress me. But then I stumbled on to Dimensional Charting Javascript Library page and was super-impressed:

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 8.36.57 pm

Looks kinda neat but the pure magic here is in its interactive behaviour: click any element on that chart and watch the other graphs transition in a clean animated manner. CSS transitions, eat your heart out! Continue reading

I-Banking Activity


Something funny has been happening recently: I’ve noticed a whole group of recruitment agencies report job market movements.

This never used to be the case you see; if you wanted an update, you would have to ask a recruitment agent directly. And even when you do ask, the information is usually off-the-cuff, reactive and unprepared. Recruitment agencies now are starting to collate information and report on it in a more structured way – which is fantastic mind you as I would rather be informed than not (I am guessing that most of you feel the same way). Continue reading