The Low-Down: What’s up @ MMA?


Super Easter Holidays

Woohoo! It’s Super Easter down here!

What exactly is Super Easter? It’s a term we coined at our work to signify the number of public days we have bunched up in close succession, i.e. in red:

Easter holidays


That’s 2 short weeks including this one! And as you can imagine, a lot of people have bridged the working days together and have gone on holidays. It’s feeling like the Christmas season all over again.

So what’s been going down?


Well my world has been crazy busy, particularly the early mornings when I’ve been pounding my head with JavaScript. HTML5 and CSS3 wasn’t too bad, in fact it’s been a cinch compared to the steep JS learning curve. I really have had to watch, listen, practice on a loop. Continue reading

Five Elements For Your Front Page



Cheri keeps it simple for us.

Originally posted on News:

Whether you’re building a website or online portfolio, or a blog with your latest posts displayed front and center, you want your site’s front page to look great, but also provide information your readers want and need. Here are five elements, from beginner’s tweaks to bigger ideas, to consider as you create your online home:

1. Your blog name, loud and clear

You want your visitors to know exactly what your site is about the moment they land on your homepage. One of your first tasks when creating your blog is to set your site title and tagline. Note that site titles display differently across our 250+ themes.

We love the way recently launched Hemingway Unwritten displays a blog name and tagline in a sleek parallax-scrolling header:

The header of A Patchwork Life , using the Hemingway Unwritten theme.

You can also create a custom header image, which you…

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An Academic conversation with MYSELF


Person A

So what are you doing these days?

Person B

Well, a bit of this and that.

You know, I completed my Masters a while back and sometimes I feel like I should be learning something new to keep current.

So I’m studying again. I’m also working with my website; just writing and creating stuff.

Person AFormal study right?

Person B

Define that please. Continue reading

An alternative lifestyle


Travel BugA little while ago I mentioned that I wanted to grow my Interesting People section and post a catch-up I had with my good buddy Dave.

Well since that chat, we’ve taken things a little bit further and decided to publish his journey here:

I’ll also record future posts under the category “The Travel Bug” – you can do a search at the bottom of the page for the category “The Travel Bug” by clicking on the “+” button.

And so who is this guy named Dave?

Dave is one well-travelled guy, hopping through approximately 50 countries at time of writing (with plans to travel again in May).

He started his travel diary in 1998, before blogging and FB and we partnered up to recreate his story step-by-step i.e. he writes, I edit and design.

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Web Design Project: Winning Design 1st Month


Originally posted on Thoughts:

A little while ago, I challenged myself to create some web designs as part of my self-studies into web development. I’m almost 3 months in and have come up with 3 designs:

As part of the challenge, I needed to implement those designs in Codepen.

And the winner of this month’s design challenge is….: Glitch!

Here’s the original design:


And here’s my implementation:

Glitch Implementation

Some of the Code:

First, I added html classes similar to below:

<!-- Groups

<div class=”group-1″>
<div class=”box-1″></div>
<div class=”box-2″></div><br>
<div class=”box-1″></div>
<div class=”box-3″></div>

The purposes here is to add the boxes after ‘Glitch’ heading. I had 12 groups of these boxes which made it a very repetitive process.

Second, I had to position all these elements accordingly so I implemented it this way:

/* Global
width: 20px;
display: inline-block;

There were 12 groups…

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