An impressive chart using Javascript Library


I am a big Excel user and it takes a lot for a chart to impress me. But then I stumbled on to Dimensional Charting Javascript Library page and was super-impressed:

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 8.36.57 pm

Looks kinda neat but the pure magic here is in its interactive behaviour: click any element on that chart and watch the other graphs transition in a clean animated manner. CSS transitions, eat your heart out! Continue reading

I-Banking Activity


Something funny has been happening recently: I’ve noticed a whole group of recruitment agencies report job market movements.

This never used to be the case you see; if you wanted an update, you would have to ask a recruitment agent directly. And even when you do ask, the information is usually off-the-cuff, reactive and unprepared. Recruitment agencies now are starting to collate information and report on it in a more structured way – which is fantastic mind you as I would rather be informed than not (I am guessing that most of you feel the same way). Continue reading

Matt Mullenweg speaks


An opportunity to sit in on a Matt Mullenweg talk only comes once in a blue moon. And as Matt reminded us during the Sydney WordPress meetup held at the Australian Technology Park last night, it only comes once every 6 years – he last came in 2008 and stated that he might come back in 2020 (insert grain of salt here).

So when the meetup was announced to sit in on this unique opportunity, I jumped straight at it.

The Australian Technology Park

This was my first evening event at the ATP and for those who are not familiar with the park, this used to be the old depot for Sydney passenger trains.


There’s a heavy focus on technology and other creatives in the grounds, so the setting was just right to host a WordPress meetup with Matt. Continue reading

Competitors threaten Sydney’s business event stronghold

Featured Image -- 12374


This is a good snappy on Sydney’s business event industry. For all those that have been to Darling Harbour recently, you would have noticed that there are a few dramatic changes underway.

And according to this, we might be competitive in – 2017! That’s a fair way away.

Originally posted on MÉTIER | For Sydney Suits:

With 85 conferences from the Asia pacific region hosted in the past three years, Sydney’s business event industry appears to be booming. But could the lack of an appropriate convention centre for the next few years see a decline in these events, and a rise of those in neighbouring nations?

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Can Technology pick up the Mining gap


I caught this article last week and a little subheading caught my eye: “Tech could make up resources shortfall“.

Based on the last Job Market post I published during Easter, Technology is looking pretty good i.e. their hiring more than the Mining sector (which wouldn’t be too hard mind you).

Here’s the graph that compares Technology sector with Banking (Financial Services really) and Sales.

Here’s a look a quick peak of the Mining job numbers Continue reading

Banking Maps, Models and Visuals


A little while ago, I branched out my site into 2: Market Measures Australia forked out and became and my original site became I tried to explain it here BUT have had to deal with some troublesome side-effects:

  • Files did not migrate
  • Images did not come across.

There’s nothing more embarrassing than when a new reader lands, reads and receives a 404 or a broken link message.

So just to ensure I don’t lose the original intent on why I went down the path of branching one site into two, I am putting up this post on some of my old work: Continue reading